A New Home

Just because I am still seeing a good number of hits coming to this blog, I decided to post this again.

I have moved my blog over to my own domain and all future traffic will be seen over at msjx.org

Please update any links (or blogrolls) that you have listed as this blog will see no further updating.



Moving to a new home

Well, I am going to test this out. I have faith in Google and I like being able to connect everything, so last night I bought a domain name and am slowly moving the WordPress blog over to Blogger (soon to be Google Blog). I have nothing against WordPress and very much enjoyed my time there but I want to integrate all my stuff in one place. As I already pay for storage on Google, which is a steal btw, and have documents, pictures, email, calendars, etc over there, it makes sense  to put my blog there as well.

So From now on, please see my new improved (well, I hope it will be) blog at:


R.I.P. Destination Unknown

Well, the jerks of the Internet have taken their toll again. One of my personal favorite blogs has been taken down due to the actions of a few unkind persons and their flame blog.

I am very saddened by this as Christian’s Destination Unknown blog has been one of my biggest inspirations in the blogging realm and I would bet that somewhere around 30% of my posts we’re inspired or encouraged by his posts. Heck, I copied numerous maps designs from him, one just last week. My Lapsus Calumni zine is a direct inspiration of his work.

Christian is a great guy with an awesome personality and I am very sad to see him go. I certainly hope comes back with a vengeance.

WordPress (Upgrade!) and the Sunday Roundup

WordPress just upgraded their system, including dropping the old Internet Explorer  6 support, and I have to say this new Dashboard it pretty smooth. A much nicer, cleaner, and more modern appearance. It also seems to load much faster than previous versions of the popular blogging software.

Another great thing is that this upgrade appears to load and work much better on my iPad. I usually do all my mobile blogging via the WordPress App which has gotten significantly better over the last few months, but if the main Dashboard writing experience gets better, who knows, I may just use it.

A few updates on things I am working on:

1) My weekly Old School Hack game is progressing well. This online game has now hit four straight sessions with one week off due to me traveling. The group has started to mesh well and personalities are starting to develop. All in all, looking like a decent game forming. Next week, I am officially calling OLD SCHOOL HACK WEEK and will be posting numerous session logs from this game all week long as well as posting some character interviews my players put together. So grab some popcorn and get ready to read about our crazy little group’s exploits!

2) I have another X-Plorers ship in the works, about 90% complete now, probably upload the week after next. Eagerly looking forward to the book being published (I think they are still aiming for June).

3) Wartberg Fell mega map.  I posted about this place in the past and it is on the horizon for my players. So far I have the main floor and the second floor partially mapped. I expect the place to have at least three level of dungeons, so it will be rather large when I am done. I am planning on posting the levels as I complete them and then roll them up into a single Lapsus Calumni zine issue for ease of viewing…sometime in the future.

4) A small, old school dungeon for Knockspell or the Encounters zines. I am really hoping to get something published in one of these old school mags soon. To that end I am working on a few ideas, hopefully the gods of creativity will strike me soon and I will get something completed.

5) Reading. Currently I am reading Christopher Moore’s Practical Demonkeeping. So far it has been pretty easy reading and going quickly The ”hero” and his attempt to piss off the demon by crashing the car is pretty funny, the demon just taking it in stride because nothing can really hurt him, is pretty funny.

6) More reading. Once that is complete, I will return to Fuzzy Nation as I posted about a week ago. This one looks really good and I cannot wait to get stuck in a new version of one of my all time favorite books!

7) Yet more reading. Still struggling through Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas. This very large tome is a detailed journey through the life of a German pastor who stood up against Hitler and got struck down (and executed) for it. Interesting, but long winded and full of theological discussions. Not my usual fair.

8 ) Lastly, I am working on the next issue of Lapsus Calumni, which will be a reworking of the dungeon my current group is running through at the moment. I am hoping this will be completed sometime next week, edited and released in roughly a week and a half.

Well, that where I am sitting at the moment. Very busy these days at work with various projects as we get closer to heading home, so I am limited in my gaming wanderings, but I am hoping to get some good mapping done here soon. Toodles!

Remember, tomorrow starts OSH Week! Be sure to check back and read about all the fun we have been having with this great game.

V: Visitors to the Site

A little late in the month to mention this, but hey coming up with stuff for the letter V is somewhat difficult. 😉

The month of March the blog here reached a milestone with the most visitors to the site ever. Surpassing the month of October which has 2,027 visitors, March came in with 2,069 visitors to the site. My biggest day was still Monday, June 8, 2009 which had 207 visitors alone. It is going to be hard to surpass that, getting close though, this last month we had a few days with over 150 visitors. I wish WordPress had or allowed me to use something along the lines of the Google Friend Connect widget that many other blogs had so I could track a little easier how many people visit, but for now, I must simply use the WordPress stats. I guess I shouldn’t sweat it, if people like the blog they will come visit, if not, eh, oh well. That’s the good thing with this being a hobby.

That said, this month we surpassed March by hundreds of visitors and we are still not done yet! Right now we are sitting at 28,551.

It gets a little weird when you pull up all-time stats by page. Damn Dora! Bryan should never have done Risus stats for her and her buddies! Maybe we should do a series of popular cartoon characters stated out for Risus? Barney or Phineas anyone?

That said, this month is going along swimmingly (always wondered where they got that term, but I like it) with many more regular daily visitors than I have had in the past. This could due to many various reasons: my participation in the Dungeonmorph Dice Project, the RPG Carnival, or the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Either way, welcome to everyone who stops by!

S: Sneaking Suspicions

Warning up front, non-gaming related. 😉

I posted months ago before I left for Iraq that I had built some bird houses in hopes that the birds would find the yummy bugs that haunt my yard in droves. I am happy to inform you that the plan seems to be working. My wife has informed me of birds moving in and setting up residence in at least two of the three homes. Gnomes have been put on alert for the third, but rumors are strong it has been occupied. Whether the little feathered friends live up to their part of the bargain is yet to be determined, however, hopes are high that they will provide some level of protection against the nasty critters that patrol the air in search of bare flesh to assault.

That said, some sad news, and the reason for the title of this post. I should note at this point that right after we built these houses, we also added to our family. We rescued two kittens. I think you can see where this is going. I have a sneaky suspicion that something is afoot.

A recent report from the front line has informed me of a casualty. It was discovered a few days ago, wings wide, feathers tossed about, laying about twenty feet from our house. The autopsy report stated there were clear signs of the body being mangled, as if someone had tossed the body around, perhaps in joyful play, like a madman had lost himself in absolute pleasure. It is all rather disturbing.

Authorities at Jackson Detective Agency has reported they are on the lookout for the possible culprit. The stands about ten inches tall, has a mixed complexion being of white and black, and has a sly look in his eyes, as if always planning something. Rumors tell of his wily ways that are completely exhausting, resulting in him spontaneous collapsing…usually near or on top of an object someone else is using. Annoying really. At this time, authorities are aware of just the one murder, but with the recent increase in aviary population, and the uncontrollable urges this must create in the culprit, they are sure there will be more.

All this has me a little concerned. I lured the birds here for their assistance, and now they become play things for my wife’s new best buddy (I mean look at that fat thing!)