Risus: The Anything RPG

Risus: The Anything RPG is a rules-lite universal RPG system that was created by S John Ross and has proven to be something of a cult hit, gaining followers here and there about the web. As such, people have come up with various add-on, plug-ins, and variations on the original rules.

I have loved the game since my first reading of it years ago. True, our relationship has been a rocky and tumultuous one, but at the end of it all, I will still crawl in bed with her any day. It simply is the most powerful and most versatile game system I have ever encountered. My International Order of Risus number is 456. 🙂

Here I present my little additions to this wonderful rule-lite game system.

Lapsus Caulumni #10: The King’s Tomb
This is a short, micro-dungeon for use with Risus.

Antiquus Fabula (Risus Fantasy Supplement)
This short little collection/addition of rules of others and my own devising helps bring a little old school gaming feel to Risus.

1PageAdventures: The Innsmouth Lighthouse
One of my early attempts at short adventures, a tad Cthulhu, a tad old school all up to a good old romp through an old lighthouse complete with crazy cultists.

1PageAdventures: The Spider Caves of Grinlok
Another early attempt at a one page adventure.

1PageAdventures: Zombie Tower!
One page of adventure with zombies! Zombies make everything better. Made before the current zombie crazy. Always a man ahead of my time. 🙂

1PageAdventures: The Ruins of Kal-Kamen!
A reworking of an adventure I made back in the 80s for a D&D campaign I made for my high school buds. Reworked for Risus and condensed into the one page format.

Character Compendium: Dora the Explorer
Sadly, the most visited page on my entire blog. Thanks to Bryan who has unknowingly sent hundreds of  visitors to my blog to read his post.