The Zine

About a year ago I stumbled up Destination Unknown, a fine blog by a great fellow named Christian. In the past he has created numerous zines, both digital and physical. That inspired me to start my own. In a brilliant stroke of genius I named it Lapsus Calumni after this here blog. Original, ain’t I?

Never one to stay with anything longer than a mouse’s lifespan, I have changed the the zine’s styles and focuses a few times. Sometimes it is a location, a magic item, an NPC, a map, sometimes it is mostly a journal entry from snikle on one of his many adventures. Just never know what you will get when you download it. I enjoy making it, and a few people out there seem to enjoy reading it.  Who knows what the future holds?

I shall post all issues of Lapsus Calumni here after they are released to the main page, listed in order from newest to oldest.

Issue 10: The King’s Tomb
A fantasy micro-dungeon made for use with Risus.

Issue 9: The Green Talon
A nice little tavern that one could drop into any fantasy campaign. Includes  an appearance by snikle.

Issue 8: Timble’s Treasures
An NPC and his little shop, ready for a party to wander in.

Issue 7: The Spider’s Den
A short adventure into a web-filled cavern! Designed for use with Warrior, Rogue & Mage.

Issue 6: The Goblyn Grotto
Snikle and his pal Fellion head into a goblin-filled gorge.

Issue 5: The Head of Gazoul
A magic item you might want to think about before using. Especially if you are hoping for a correct answer.

Issue 4: The Inn of the Last Rose
A fine little inn ran by a jolly fellow named Gilliam.

Issue 3: The Serpent’s Hold
A guest posting from my buddy Bryan, a magic item fit for any magic.

Issue 2: The Tomb of Mrathien 
My first attempt at a short dungeon/cave for the zine.

Issue 1: The Town of Dorthurien
Snikle & pal Fellion stumble upon a town that has apparently suffered an attack! Idea blatantly stolen from Christian!